Danny from Kirkham

“Becoming a volunteer at Claremont First Step Community Centre has restored my faith in that there are still good people in the world that care about others. I feel proud to say that I am now part of a team that want to help and go out of there way to make community members feel that they are not on their own. Claremont support people from all walks of life and nobody is left to feel isolated. My work as a volunteer has also helped me to feel that I am making a difference. 

I can have a positive impact on someone and support them through their problems through the smallest of interactions. I am enjoying speaking to those that attend and building new friendships. There is nothing better than sharing a joke and a smile to take our minds off life’s ups and downs. Claremont First Step Community Centre staff and the people who use the service have helped me personally to build my self-esteem and feel proud that I am helping. I am part of this community through my volunteering and that to me is something special!”