IT Suite/Boardroom

The IT Suite/Boardroom serves two main purposes:

Our Computer Suite has a bank of twelve computers with internet available, these computers are situated in the middle of a board room style desk and when not in use disappear into the desk making it easy to convert the room into a meeting room sitting twelve people.


Computer Availability

The computers are available every day Monday to Friday free for members of the community to use to access emails, information, universal credit and other DWP benefits.

We have a member of staff on hand to help with any access problems and will also help with setting up email addresses and give advice about writing C.V.’s.

IT Suite Facilities

Whatever your need we have a suite of 12 computers, all with high speed internet access, available for you to use free of charge (if you sign up to UK Online). Printing and photocopying facilities are also available for small fee
If you’ve never used a computer before or you are a little “rusty” then don’t worry as help is always available.

The suite is open daily Mon-Thurs 9:00am – 3:00pm, Fri 9:00am – 12:00pm.

Just pop along if you want to use any of these facilities or contact us if you require any more information

CFSCC IT Suite Facilities - Job Search Help
CFSCC Boardroom Facilities

These banks can be controlled separately which means that the monitors, keyboards and mice can disappear into the specially designed desk giving you a conference table that sits 12 comfortably.

Please note: For health and safety reasons food and drink are not allowed in the I.T. suite. You may just drop in at anytime to use the computers in the IT Suite, if you wish to enquire about booking the suite for training or a meeting then please contact us.